Dean Passmore - Operations Controller, Converters


On leaving school in 1986 Dean held various positions in a factory setting before entering in to the general construction and ground working industry where he was to stay for a decade. It was the lack of work in these industries that took Dean in to a warehouse position in a watch and clock company in West Bromwich.

It was purely by chance when making contact with an old school friend (Bryen our Operations Director for Converting) that Dean got to hear of a vacant position within Reno De Medici. 2002 saw him join the company as a warehouse operative and fork lift truck driver. By 2003 Dean was made Warehouse Team Leader and a year later he became the company’s Transport Planner.

When Warren purchased the assets of Reno De Medici UK's Wednesbury plant in February 2014 Dean was appointed Operations Controller of the newly formed Warren Converting facility in West Bromwich. Dean is responsible for planning production and logistics planning.

Dean hails from Darlaston in the West Midlands and now lives a few minutes away from work with his partner Rebecca and their six cats! He said Monkey Nuts is his favourite cat..…we haven’t dared to ask what the others are called!  He has a daughter called Callie who he enjoys spending time with. Dean is a dedicated angler and takes great pleasure from roaming the countryside and rivers of Britain. He says he enjoys his own company and loves the solitude it brings.





Dean Passmore - Operations Controller

Latest News

  • Educating the women of Ghana through Action Aid

    Warren has been donating to Action Aid for over 25 years now and we're keen to continue to support the amazing work the charity carries out in the West African Republic of Ghana.
    Violence in the home and child marriages have been a way of life for some families in Ghana and with the help of Action Aid change is happening. From the account we received in a letter through Action Aid from one woman who had experience of her own daughter being kidnapped-the people of Ghana are seeing that their situation can improve through the education of all. Although entirely coincidental, on International Women's Day-our article is well timed.

  • The Annual Bodie Hodges Sports Dinner

    It's been a while since we wrote about the Bodie Hodges Foundation and the amazing achievement of Bodie's family in raising money to fund a holiday home for families facing the loss of a child. In 2012 our ex-colleague Nick Hodges and his wife set out to raise money to provide a holiday home to give respite for families-after sadly losing their 10 month old son Bodie in a choking accident. In October 2016 they achieved their goal of creating a lasting legacy in Bodie's memory with the opening of 'Bodie's Boathouse'.

  • Poplar GC2 H/S and Poplar Super GC1 - we have an unrivalled range of sizes

    Due to increasing demand, we have extended our stock range of Poplar GC2 H/S and Poplar Super- giving our customers, what we believe to be, an unrivalled choice of calipers and sizes. With over 200 different specifications available we are sure to have an item to suit most requirements.

  • Chromocard HB (FSC) now in reel stock.....tailor-made to suit your needs

    We now have our ever popular Chromocard HB available from reel stock at our fully-equipped converting facility at West Bromwich. This high quality folding boxboard with coated white back is now available to our customers, cut to size on a 3-5 working day delivery service.