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Product Range

  • Any
  • 2-sided folding boxboard
  • 1-sided solid bleach board
  • White backed FBB
  • Cream backed FBB
  • Solid unbleached sulphate board
  • Fully coated WLC
  • Unlined & lined greyboard
  • Specialist boards
  • Coated paper
  • Uncoated paper
  • Digital paper
  • Office stationery
  • Business stationery
  • Carbonless paper
  • Tinted paper
  • Pulp & ivory Board
  • Self adhesive
  • Envelopes


  • Any
  • ACM (GD2)
  • Airfreshener Board
  • Avanta Prima (GC2)
  • Beermat Board
  • Black Lined Greyboard
  • Carta Integra
  • Carte Lumina (GC1)
  • Celebr8 Duo Xtra
  • Celebr8 Image (GC1)
  • Celebr8 Occasions
  • Celebr8 Solo
  • Contiboard (GT2)
  • Custom Kote
  • Cyber XL Premium (GC2)
  • Duprint Autopack (GC2)
  • Duprint Freeze (GC2)
  • Duprint XL (GC2)
  • Ensocoat
  • Excellent Top (GC2)
  • GC2 Maule HS
  • Greyboard
  • Hermicoat (GD2)
  • Hermiwhite (GT2)
  • Incada Exel (GC2)
  • Incada Silk (GC1)
  • Invercote Creato
  • Invercote G
  • Lusoplex (GD2)
  • Maule Graphics GC1
  • MCB (GT2)
  • MCM (GD2)
  • MM Liner (GD2)
  • Ningbo Spark (GC1)
  • Omni-Kote
  • Optima Greyback (GD2)
  • Optimus Top (GC1)
  • Pankabrite (GC2)
  • Pankawhite (GC1)
  • Pasted Greyboard
  • Pearl-Kote
  • Performa Alto (GC1)
  • Performa White (GC1)
  • Printa (GD2)
  • Rochblanc (GC1)
  • Rochcoat (GC2)
  • Rochcoat Blanc (GC1)
  • Rochfreeze (GC2)
  • Scancoate Image (GC1)
  • Scancote Elegance (GC1)
  • Scancote Vision (GC1)
  • Scanwhite (GC1)
  • Serviboard (GD2)
  • Serviliner (GD2)
  • Silbergrau GK
  • Simcote (GC2)
  • Sinarpack (GC2)
  • Sinarvanda (GC1)
  • Skin Packaging Board
  • Supra (GT2)
  • Tambrite HS
  • Temptation Pop
  • Topcolor (GT1)
  • TP Premium (GC2)
  • Triplex Gris (GD2)
  • Trucard (Gloss/Matt)
  • Trucard 2 (Gloss/Matt)
  • Umka Colour (GD2)
  • Umka Liner (GD2)
  • Unlined Greyboard
  • Unpasted Greyboard
  • White Lined Greyboard
  • White Peak GC1
  • White Peak GC2


  • Any
  • Full
  • Gloss
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Silk
  • Matt
  • Uncoated


  • Any
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Kraft
  • Various
  • White

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Latest News

  • Inside Sales Exec, Steve Pincott raising funds for the British Heart Foundation

    On Saturday 12th May our Inside Sales Exec, Steve Pincott will join two former school friends Tom and Noel in attempting the London to Oxford Trek, a 100km (62.1 miles) walk taking in Windsor, Cookham, Henley, and Abingdon. The annual trek is organised by the British Heart Foundation and all the money raised by those taking part will go towards supporting the vital work of the charity, including transplants, babies born with heart defects, heart attack treatment and pioneering diagnostic techniques and treatments.

  • David Plummer from Newtown Printers raises money for charity...and gets fit in the process

    Last summer, when David Plummer's daughter Nathalie had a frank discussion with him about his weight and lack of fitness, the conversation turned to finding an activity that could help David get on the road to fitness. When David suggested cycling the idea caused some mirth in his off-spring and presumably this spurred him on to prove to his daughter that he was capable of long-distance cycling.

  • Warren customer chooses BillerudKorsnäs White for luxury packaging

    When it came to selecting the best product for Lincolnshire based Kalas Packaging's new web-to-print e-commerce business, BillerudKornsäs White won the day. The new venture for Kalas goes by the name of Vanilla Reindeer and they believe they are the first manufacturer worldwide to offer personalised gift bags and gift packaging direct to the consumer.

  • Educating the women of Ghana through Action Aid

    Warren has been donating to Action Aid for over 25 years now and we're keen to continue to support the amazing work the charity carries out in the West African Republic of Ghana.
    Violence in the home and child marriages have been a way of life for some families in Ghana and with the help of Action Aid change is happening. From the account we received in a letter through Action Aid from one woman who had experience of her own daughter being kidnapped-the people of Ghana are seeing that their situation can improve through the education of all. Although entirely coincidental, on International Women's Day-our article is well timed.