Growing ginger in Ghana and the support of Action Aid

1st November 2018

When you next buy fresh ginger from the supermarket-spare a thought for how this beautifully fragrant spice got on to the shelf. In our support of Action Aid we receive a regular newsletter telling us about the individuals who have been helped by the charity and the various projects the funds raised have supported. This month we received a letter from a farmer in Ghana. 34 year-old Asanna tells her story....

“My name is Asanna and I am a farmer living in a small community in central Ghana with my three children. Prince from Action Aid has asked me to share with you how your support through the Next Step programme has helped to change my life.

Most families in my community are farmers; this is usually our only source of income. For us woman there is often little opportunity to make our lives better. Our hope for a better future began when Action Aid held meetings in our community to support us women to find other sources of income. We decided we would like to rear livestock.

Action Aid started a project called ‘Rearing to pass on’. Ten women, including me, received four sheep each with training and support organised by Action Aid, mine increased to six sheep in no time! I gave two of my sheep to my neighbours who were interested in rearing them, so they could carry on with ‘Rearing to pass on’ programme.

After a while, I decided to sell two of my sheep and use the money to grow ginger, which was becoming a very lucrative business in my area. During my first harvest, I had eight bags of ginger - some of which I sold, and I replanted the rest.  This year I have harvested 30 bags of ginger! I have already sold 20 of these for GH₵ 1,300 (about £200) and replanted 10 bags ready for the next season. I have used some of the money to support my children’s education and with the rest, I rented a tractor service and labour for my farm. My husband is very happy that I am contributing to the family income.

The government wants to open a ginger processing factory in my district. This is exciting news, the demand for ginger will increase once the factory opens and I hope to expand my ginger farm next year. With other women ginger farmers in my community, we have formed an association to enable us to have a louder voice and secure better prices for our ginger. My dream is to be the best ginger farmer in my district within the next five years. In addition to the ginger farming which is expanding each year, I still have my sheep, which have increased to eight. This is also providing an income for my family. I have been sharing the knowledge I have gained with the other women in my community, so they can learn how to rear livestock and improve their income as I have.

I would sincerely like to thank Action Aid for all their support, which is helping so many families improve their lives in my community.”

If you would like to support this amazing charity and ensure their continued support of people like Asanna donate at –



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