Warren support the curriculum of Hamilton College, Leicester

6th December 2018

We have been helping a local college with material for their GCSE Art and Design Technology course work for a number of years now and when they contacted us recently to ask if we could continue to support them, we were only too happy to offer some graphical board. Craig Curtis, Hamilton College's Assistant Head of Faculty and Teacher of Design Technology has always been greatly appreciative of the support we offer and he makes sure we receive an update on the student's course-work and includes some great photos too.

The students are the entire cohort of year 7 students (11-12 years of age) as well as those in their GCSE years and Craig gave us some background on this year’s projects. “The idea behind ‘emergency shelters’ was for students to not only design for a real-world context but also to understand how designers can help improve the lives of others. The shelters were designed to be used in a humanitarian disaster such as an earthquake. Students learnt about the properties of the materials they were using and how they could change the physical properties by laminating them with foil and polythene.”

Excitingly, in the run up to Christmas, students will be entering the Dyson Chair Challenge where they have to construct a full-size chair to support the weight of an adult, from corrugated cardboard. Key Stage 4 students are currently using the board to model their ideas in 3-D.

Craig Curtis commented, “The resources kindly donated by Warren play a central role in the delivery of both the Art and the Design Technology curriculum. Students in Art classes make 3-D sculptures at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. The bleached board and the grey board are used by Key Stage 4 Art students to create their final course work pieces. In Design Technology, students will be using the card to make models of prototypes.  We will be revisiting the shelter project towards the end of the academic year and with the support of Warren it will become embedded in our new and exciting Design Technology curriculum.”

Martin Higgins, our Operations Manager commented. “We had some suitable stock and we are always happy to support our local college. We appreciate the tight budgets they have to work to and they are very appreciate of any support we can give. I also approached The Packaging Company, our neighbours on the industrial estate, to ask if they could offer any corrugated material. Kurt Gibbons, their Production Manager very generously provided some board and we look forward to seeing the student’s Dyson Chair Challenge designs.”

To find out more about the Dyson Chair Challenge, visit the James Dyson Foundation website -