Warren supporting Action Aid in Ghana

14th February 2019

We continue to support the activities of Action Aid in Ghana and the letter we have just received has come from the district of Accra. This is the experience of one of the recipients of initiatives set up by Action Aid; 27 year old Vida tells her story.

"Since I was a little girl, I've always known what I wanted to do when I grew up. My big brother is a plumber and I used to follow him around whenever I wasn't in school. I would help him by bringing him his tools or holding a bolt in place as he worked. I knew I wanted to be a plumber. 

I was told many times that it was a man's job and I should take up sewing or cooking. I was so discouraged from being a plumber, I worked as a clothes seller at the Madina market. 

Action Aid, together with the local government, provided training courses for 3,800 young people so they could gain valuable skills and provide a better future for their families. When I heard I could enrol on a plumbing course I was delighted, but I still faced discrimination from friends and some family members. I was very lucky that my mother was very supportive of my dream and she encouraged me to take it further. 

I joined 145 people on the National Vocational Training Institute on their plumbing course where I was one of six women taking part. I am so happy to tell you that I passed my course. And earlier this year I received a starter pack of tools to help me put my training into practice. 

I have partnered with an established plumber and I am gaining valuable on-the-job experience assisting him. I am still selling clothes at the market on a part-time basis, but I am building my own plumbing business and gaining my own customers. I am determined that my business will provide myself and my son with a stable income. 

Thanks you for supporting Action Aid. This support gave me the opportunity to join this training course and has helped my dream to come true. I am looking forward to working full-time as a plumber."

If you would like to support this fantastic charity visit https://www.actionaid.org.uk/donate