Coronavirus - Statement

18th March 2020

Coronavirus is having a severe impact upon every one of us. Our statement outlines the actions we've taken to mitigate the impact upon our staff, customers and other stakeholders in our business.

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak and in anticipation of its spread, we can confirm that Warren has taken reasonable steps to mitigate its impact on our staff and our operation and we will continue to do so as far as reasonably practical and proportionate to the company’s size and circumstances. We have made staff aware of the need to report illness or known contact with others who may be carrying the virus and to self-isolate where necessary.

We have introduced the following temporary measures to help protect our staff and to ensure that we provide our customers with a continued service during this difficult period:

1.Enhanced cleaning, hygiene and welfare arrangements at our Leicester and West Bromwich offices.

2.Revised working patterns for all departments, including offsite working and shift separation.

3.Revised working arrangements for external account managers to reflect changing customer attitudes to site access.

4.Restriction of supplier and other non-essential visits to our Leicester and West Bromwich offices.

5.Restriction of Warren staff travel between our Leicester and West Bromwich offices.

6.Restricted access to our site by visiting hauliers in order to limit contact between visiting drivers and our staff.

During this period of offsite working, our team can still be contacted through their normal phone & e-mail channels.

With regard to continuity of supply, we remain in regular contact with our supply base. To date, we have not suffered or received indication of any supply delays related to Coronavirus but obviously, it’s not possible to guarantee that this will remain the case indefinitely. As a merchant, we hold substantial sheet and reel stocks in the UK and represent a broad range of paper and board manufacturers worldwide, giving us the option to switch supply lines when necessary.

The challenges presented by Coronavirus are likely to remain with us all for some time to come. Inevitably, we will have to adapt to changing circumstances as they occur but we’re confident that Warren is well placed to do that.

Warren Board Sales Limited