In support of Action Aid - part two of the story

25th April 2013

Our previous Action Aid story told of the first 10 years of Warren Board's support of children and families in Ghana between 1992 and 2002 and the lives of the two young people we sponsored. This article is all about the following ten years bringing us right up to 2012.

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Upgraded Korsnäs White - prepare to be dazzled

24th April 2013

Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, prepare to be dazzled. It's whiter than white and it's available for immediate delivery to you right now. This is product development at its best, with input from converters, brand owners and packaging designers in response to demands for quality printing properties on both sides.

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Our new mascot needs a name - your chance to win an iPod Shuffle

17th April 2013

We're asking customers to help us to name our new mascot by entering our competition and we're encouraging them to get their children or grandchildren involved too. So, to all customers out there - be as inventive or creative as you like, or maybe you prefer the more traditional names and you think one of those would suit our mascot.

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